Hello all. My name is Michael Luca. I am the new president of Lacey AYF/C.  I am the father of  7 children ages 26 down to 11, and have been involved in youth programs for over 20 years. From Boy Scouts, Baseball, soccer, basketball, and Football. I have law enforcement experience as a NY Supreme Court Officer for 14 years before being hurt on the job in 2004 as well as experience with Early childhood Education. I have been a part of Lacey Pop Warner/ Lacey AYF/C for over 8 years. Over those 8 years I have been an assistant coach for flag, mighty mite 7's, and Jr. Pee Wees. I have been head coach twice for 7 year olds and 7,8, and 9 year old mighty mites. For the last 2 years i have been the Vice President. 


  My philosophy is simple. Each child is special. Each child is different. Through the teachings of football and cheer we must be able to bring out the best in each child. To nurture much more than just athletic talent but to  bring out confidence and a sense of being part of a team. Through positive reinforcement as well as hands on teaching it is our responsibility as a league and as Coaches to give each child the tools they need to get better, play with sportsmanship, learn about themselves, and mainly be safe and to have fun. To have pride in themselves and their team mates. To show them that whether on the field or off you represent yourself, your team, your coach, your family, and your community.


    It is that time of year when we are getting ready for our 2017 Lacey AYF/C fall season. As you can see by the Jersey Shores press release there are changes to the make up of our League and divisions. We are now an age based unweighted program that will now enable all children to play with their age and maturity level. No more playing 2 levels above your age due to not making weight. More inclusive, and better for the development of all children.


There is a Spring Flag Co-Ed league starting April 2nd. 2nd grade through 8th grade. This is a joint effort by the Lacey Football Foundation, Lacey Gridiron, and Lacey AYF/C.  


In keeping with cooperating with Gridiron for the development of the older levels and  as a middle school type program, we will be fielding 5 and 6 yr old flag level...a 7u tackle program a9u tackle program a 10u and 11u tackle program with the flexibility for movement depending on enrollment. Our Fall flyer will be posted and distributed as soon as we get the okay from the school.


New registration fees are as follows;


Flag cheer and football promo this year will be a registration fee of $25 


Our tackle and cheer program will be a $175 registration fee with a chance to offset with $150 worth of raffles what you sell you keep. If you are a new player there will be a $50.00 Jersey fee as well 


Family discount fee is $225 with $200 worth of raffles to offset cost. Again If you are a new player there will be a $50.00 Jersey fee as well 


A $50 PPD will be required at all levels. This will be held in a separate account and returned at the end of the season when required hours of volunteering are completed. 


I would like to welcome all to come to our general board meetings which are held on the 4th Thursday of every month at our field house.


What is asked of you the parents or guardians


Being a member of the Board is a responsibility to all of the children. The success of this league is a direct result of all members willing to help and willing to advocate for all of the children. All of you are our resources. Get involved. Come to meetings. Ask questions. This is  a combined effort with all of you to make this the best football /cheer and life experience for your children. We have plans for many more fun fundraisers. Dances, skill challenges, parent night out, meet the coaches Barbeque, as well as an end of the year Banquet. 


There will be clinics for both girls and boys with high school coaches as well as players with College level experience. We want to plan as many activities with possible trips to College or Pro games as well as going to support our High School Lions as a unit. Along with that we will continue to support those charities that brings awareness and hope to those fighting cancer, other illnesses, addiction or those with disabilities. These things are not possible without your time, support and effort. Many of you were here from the beginning. The history and effort that went in to building this program from day 1. The hard work and dedication that started the tradition of Lacey Pride. No matter where you are now so many  people you know or you yourself came up through the ranks of Pop Warner/Lacey AYF/C. Regardless of the changes throughout the years for what ever reasons let us all Honor the past and come together to continue to instill those values in our children. To provide a safe home away from home environment and bring out that Lacey Pride bigger and better for years to come.

Thank you all

God Bless

Michael Luca