Annually, the Executive Board establishes a minimum registration fee.  This fee reflects the cost of providing and maintaining quality equipment and uniforms only.  The remainder of the costs associated (fields, officials, EMTs, insurance, administration, activities, awards, scholarships, etc.) are generated by concession, fund raisers, donations, and an incredible amount of effort donated by those who believe in and support the program.  It is our philosophy never to turn a child away because of family income.  All children are welcome to participate.


The primary goals of the program are to foster the principle of team play, self discipline, good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage, respect, reverence and a belief in the American way of life.


These objectives shall be achieved by providing supervised instructional programs for youths residing in Lacey Township. In these programs, the attainment of exceptional athletic skill and the winning of games or contests shall be secondary to teaching of good sportsmanship and the molding of good character.


Respecting the game Officials and realizing that sometimes calls go your way and sometimes they don't. This is part of good sportsmanship.